Why Royce uPVC Windows ?

• Fit and fine - Royce uPVC Windows retain its shape for years. Changes in weather condition and moisture causes traditional wooden windows to expand and contract, which leads to distortion. Royce uPVC Windows have very negligible impact from climatic variations

• Never looks old - Royce uPVC Windows look good forever and retains shape, color and lusture for long, unlike traditional windows which fade away over time.

• Say no to Termites! Traditional wooden windows are prone to termites over a period of time, whereas Royce Windows are made from UPVC, and is termite resistant.

• Go Green with Royce uPVC Windows! Made from uPVC, a green material, Royce uPVC Windows reduces dependence on wood, prevents de-forestation and helps you go green!

• No corrosion & Leakage – aluminum windows corrode and also water leakages are evident if installation is not proper, while Royce uPVC Windows' characteristics prevents corrosion & leakage.

• Cooler homes - Royce uPVC Windows are made from uPVC, a poor conductor of heat and isolates your home against outside heat, as against.

• Eco friendly – aluminum consumes a large amount of energy in its production, while Royce uPVC Windows needs very less energy, making it eco friendly.

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